The holidays are hard for families facing hunger, which is why The Greater Boston Food Bank holds a fundraising campaign every year to help provide holiday meals to those in need. This campaign is promoted across all platforms, and is one of the bigger fundraising efforts each year.
This campaign happens at an unusually busy time of year for nonprofits working in the human services sector, so GBFB chose to refresh the out-of-home campaign after Thanksgiving, to avoid ad fatigue and to align the art with the changing season.
2022 Thanksgiving liveboards: These video ads were shown to commuters on MBTA platforms throughout the Greater Boston area, beginning in late October 2022 through the end of November. The focus was telling a story of community and holiday meals with loved ones to drive donor engagement and response.
2022 post-Thanksgiving liveboards: We transitioned to the ads below after the Thanksgiving holiday, emphasizing the gift donors give when they donate to GBFB. (Note that the cyan bars indicate the gap between monitors on the triptychs.)
For our 2022 campaign, the fundraising team wanted to offer donors more ways to get involved—so it was the first year that GIFs were used to support a campaign. These GIFs below were built using established elements from the Hunger Free Holidays campaign, added to Giphy, and made available via keyword to those wanting to use them on social media.
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