This is a campaign for the BCA Annual Fund appeal done in late 2016. The double-sided card includes a highlighted quote from an artist whose work helped shape the late 2016/early 2017 season at BCA; on the reverse is a map of our campus with facts about the very broad range of resources and services the organization provides to working artists. These cards were mailed out in our standard BCA envelopes with a "Support your artists!" sticker affixed. The choice to use the standard envelopes with a sticker was made to keep the budget fairly low, plus the stickers became a popular and recognizable item at community events. In addition to the mailing, digital collateral was produced to drive donations on the BCA website as well as in email campaigns. This collateral included a gif highlighting the many types of artists the BCA aims to help. The gif was designed after a vintage clock to highlight the "countdown" aspect of an end of calendar year appeal.
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