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Bombed Magazine Jack

Roger Rabbit Cooking With Musa

French Tickler Alice/Lightman Mashup

As the Head Book Designer for Musa Publishing, I worked with a lot of books. Even now, of my work is with long-form fiction, though I jump at the chance to work with other formats and types of publication (I like to keep my skills fresh). Most of the books I handle these days are digital, so I handle both the visual design and layout of the interiors as well as making sure the code works well with as many devices as possible (usually producing multiple formats of the same book).

Firehouse Branding (WIP) Project H.E.L.L. pattern generation

Spider Cider album and shirt design Sanitation Systems Incorporated logo and business card design

Occasionally, I get to work with awesome people on their brand identities. Usually, they contact me when they need a logo, though I also work on extending existing brands and solidifying identities across all fronts. I really enjoy comprehensive brand identities and love to find the little details that tie everything together.

I Am More Than My Job type illustration Love is Love type illustration

Hello type illustration Stitches type illustration

Like all designers, I really love letters. Since so much of my work is typography-based, I usually end up playing with type in my downtime as well. These sketches (many more of which are on my society6 page) are quotes, thoughts, ideas, basically anything that captures my attention and makes and impact. A lot of them don't make it past the sketch phase, but the ones that do usually end up as either linocuts or screenprints, allowing me a creative outlet for my typography and printmaking skills.